About The Ad:

"Thank You Ad" for the June, 2001 International Make-Up Artist Trade Show (IMATS).   Published in the July/August 2001 issue of the Makeup Artist Magazine.

Ad Text:

To:  Kenny Myers, Richard Snell, Todd McIntosh, Sheryl Ptak, Joel Harlow & Louie Zakarian for your time and talent at the 2001 International Make-up Artist Trade Show.  Thank you, Premiere Products.

A Very Special Thanks To:

Karen Myers, Kerry Li, William Forester, Josh Martin, Adriana Zakarian, David De Leon, June Myers, Douglas Noe, Ned Neidhardt, Alexa Stone, Kevin Haney, Mari Okumura, Steve Prouty, Matthew Mungle, WM Creations, Inky J, Katherine Shemanik, Rob Hinderstein, Jill Rockow, Michael Pack, Vivian Baker, Polly Parsons, Dr. Stacey Sumner & Professional Vision Care, Michael Key and Make Up Artist Magazine.