About The Ad:

"Defy Gravity Ad" featuring Richard Snell.  First Published in the January-February, 2002 issue of the 
Makeup Artist Magazine.  All makeups by Jill Rockow.

Ad Text:

"The Telesis Gels are very effective make-up removers because they work with you.  They don't drip or run - they stay where I put them.  The Super Solv and IPM-Gels are strong but easy on the skin and the ISO-Gel even lifts and cleans lace.  Telesis Gels give me the strength and flexibility I need for quick and thorough clean-ups."

Richard Snell
Academy Nominated & Multi-Emmy Award Winner.

Richard Snell and model Soraya Omar

Richard Snell 

Model Saraya Omar

 Makeup Artist Jill Rockow touches-up Richard between shots.

.Photo studio set

Richard, Jill and photographer Bob Delareuelle celebrate the end of a
successful photo shoot with a glass of Richard's homemade wine.