At Ease Grey Chaser - Promotional Postcard.
                  First Published:  January, 2003

Postcard Text on the Back:

At Ease - The Easy Way to Hide the Grey!

One of our best selling products can now be one of your best selling products! At Ease Grey Chaser is now available in six natural-looking colors: black, brown, medium-brown, red-brown, grey-brown, and blonde. Give your customers something they can only get at your salon - a simple yet effective way to hide the grey in hairlines, roots, eyebrows, sideburns, beards, and mustaches. Our product display cards are tailor made to appeal to both your male and female customers. We are currently offering a price discount on your first order of three dozen or more units of At Ease, plus a free countertop display case. A total savings of more than 20 dollars!

Premiere Products is FDA Licensed.