AT EASE Grey Chaser - Promotional Postcard
                             First Published:  January, 2003

Postcard Text on the front:

 Grey got you down?  Say AT EASE, please, and color those unsightly grey hairs away!

AT EASE instantly covers grey in roots, hairlines, and eyebrows.
AT EASE contains Vitamin E and Provitamin B5.
AT EASE advanced, long-lasting formula.
AT EASE smudge-proof and water resistant.
AT EASE easy to use, no mess.  Just brush and blend.
AT EASE shampoos out.

Available in black, brown, medium brown, red brown, grey brown and blonde.

Postcard Text on the back:

Premiere Products is the leader in the development and manufacturing of specialty cosmetics, adhesives and solvents for the hair replacement and wig care industries.

We offer a complete line of wholesale and retail products for you, the salon stylist, and your customers.

At twenty-three years and growing, we bring you performance, experience, and excellence.

Premiere products is FDA licensed.

We give you a choice!