On Line Web Store Promotional Postcard.
                                     First Published: June, 2003

Text on the Back:

Shop Online Today!
Why wait? All your favorite PPI products can now be purchased on line and delivered right to your door. Read the latest PPI updates and learn about our newest products. Visit our Players page and sign up to become a PPI Player! See hundreds of makeup photos of artists from around the world using PPI products.Its all available now at www.ppi.cc

Since 1978, PPI has developed and marketed advanced products for the healthcare, hair replacement, medical, makeup and special effects industries. PPI is licensed by the FDA to manufacture over-the-counter (OTC) drugs and is a member of the Cosmetic, Toiletries and Frgrances Association, The American Chemical Society, The Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers and Distributors, and The American Anaplastology Association.

About Making the Postcard:

The PPI Online Store postcard was an interesting departure from PPI's usual design methods. Because the postcard was meant to advertise a computerized online store, PPI decided to design the postcard using a 3-D computer graphics program rather than traditional layout/design tools. The intention was to create a "high-tech" feel by using this unique design technique.

Using Caligari's TrueSpace 6.5, designer Nathan Prestopnik built a small 3-D environment featuring CG bottles and products, a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. The space was designed and lit (in the computer) to reflect the idea of high technology.

Numerous tests were rendered before a final version of the postcard was outputted in a final, printable image format. Text was added with Photoshop.

The end result was a postcard that conveyed a solid sense of high-tech mixed with the familiarity of PPI's existing product line and web site.

See more 3-D Computer Imagery by Nathan Prestopnik Here

A wireframe view of the postcard with no colors or textures added.

The postcard under construction.

A view rendered with no textures.