First Published:  Make Up Artist Magazine, July, 2003

Thank You Ad
Text on the front:

TO:  Kevin Haney, Todd McIntosh, Douglas Noe, Mike Smithson, Louie Zakarian, Peter Montagna - For your time and talent at the 2003 International Make Up Artist Magazine Trade Show - Thank You from Premiere Products.

A Very Special Thanks To:  Kenny Myers, Karen Myers, Jay Wejebe, Matt Cable, Robert Smithson, Kara Davey, Kurt Carley, Josh Turi, Matt Grahn, Alexa M. Stone, Jill Rockow, Ve Neill, Mari Okumura, Joe Blasco, Joe Blasco Makeup Schools, Lisa Machii, Lisa Babouchian, Reiko Tanaka, Phil Carrot, Ned Neidhardt, Ron Pipes, David DeLeon, Inky J., Miles Sabarini & Deedee Koos at GM Foam, Dr. Gording, Professional Vision Care, Frank Ippolito, Thom Surprenant, Frends Beauty Supply, Nathan Prestopnik, Michael Key, Makeup Artist Magazine.
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KEVIN HANEY: Stats - 4 Time PPI Player.  Oscar, 5-Time Emmy & Guild Award Winner.  Frequent Presidential Miles Club Member!  Model:  Kurt Carley.

TODD MCINTOSH: Stats - 4 Time PPI Player.  6 Year "Buffy" Dept. Head.  Emmy & Guild Award Winner.  Averages 150 Vampires Per Year!  Model:  Matt Cable.

MIKE SMITHSON: Stats - 2 Time PPI Player.  20 Year Makeup Veteran.  Oscar, Emmy and Cable Ace Award Nominee.  Stippling Arm Clocked at 98 MPH!  Model:  Robert Smithson.

DOUGLAS NOE: Stats - 3 Time PPI Player.  Emmy, Guild & Garland Award Winner.  Only Ambidextrous, Red-Headed Makeup Artist Named Douglas!  Model:  Kara Davey.

LOUIE ZAKARIAN: Stats - 2 Time PPI Player.  6 Year "Saturday Night Live" Dept. Head.  Emmys Nominated - 1, Emmys Won - 0.  Model:  Josh Turi.

PETER MONTAGNA: Stats - 2003 PPI Rookie Player.  22 Year Makeup Veteran:  Cable Ace & Guild Award Winner.  2-Time Emmy Nominee:  High School Art Medal Winner!  Model:  Matt Grahn.