Greychaser! Say At Ease please, and color those unsightly grey hairs away! 

At Ease
is a proven product for covering grey or discolored hair. At Ease is available in six colors --
black, brown, medium brown, red brown, grey brown, and blonde. Our advanced, long-lasting formula contains Vitamin E and Provitamin B5
to help strengthen and protect hair from daily damage.  

$8.75 each

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At Ease is great for men and women & perfect for coloring the gray from hairlines, beards, mustaches, roots, and eyebrows!

At Ease is easy to use with no mess - just brush and blend.  Our advanced, long- lasting formula  is smudge-proof and water resistant yet easy to shampoo out.

At Ease comes with a fine bristle applicator brush that makes it easy to blend into all hair types. 


One of our best selling products can now be one of your best selling products! Our display case is excellent for  your retail counter!  Get a selection of each of six colors to display, along with the case and an advertising display card!

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