We have used what nature gave us to produce simply superior shine and conditioning products. Natural silicone and oxygen, the two most abundant elements on earth, are combined with other natural elements to produce these special silicone liquids. Your hair will thrive on the clear, fragrant, and totally safe quantities of our silicone products!

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Vivace - Silicone Shine And Polish - This blend of special silicones instantly adds a silky shine and mild conditioning to dull, damaged hair.

Perfect for wet or dry hair, Vivace spreads completely and evenly through your hair without greasy residue. Treat yourself to a simply superior shine.

Glissando - Instant Conditioning Serum - A blend of special silicones that instantly adds a volumizer, conditioner, and a light shine to hair that's dry or damaged by ultraviolet light, coloring or perms.

Glissando facilitates wet and dry combing, and also provides excellent manageability and luster. Indulge yourself with simply superior conditioning.
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