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About tea tree oil Tea tree oil is obtained from the Tea Tree, a native of Australia.  The oil is claimed to be a natural antiseptic, fungicide and temporary analgesic.  It has been used for over 60 years and enjoys a reputation as a safe, effective treatment for a variety of wounds, burns and other skin irritations.

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THORO-WASH SKIN CLEANSER is a non-irritating, odor suppressing formulation for fast, gentle clean up of feces, urine and vomitus.  It contains no dyes or fragrances.  Only soothing essential oils are used to provide aroma.  Skin protection may be enhanced by concurrent use of Telesis Botanical Barrier Cream and Skin-Tite Spray Barrier Film.
SKIN TITE SPRAY BARRIER FILM is an economical and easily applied spray barrier film providing an invisible protective coating on the skin against irritating bodily fluids.  This unique water proof film increases tape adhesion while also reducing the discomfort of tape removal.  Use around ostomies or wounds to keep intact skin from maceration.
BOTANICAL BARRIER CREAM is a unique formulation with protective moisturizers, aloe vera, tea tree oil, allantoin and vitamins A, D and E.  It contains no dyes or fragrances.  The cream is designed to lubricate and soften dry skin irritated by urine, feces and other waste matter.  The botanical cream is recommended for ostomy, incontinent and/or bed-ridden patients.  Botanical Barrier Cream may also be useful in reducing irritation from dry, reddened or chapped skin caused by sun, wind or water.
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