Repair Items and Accessories:
Check the list below for our hair system accessory and repair items. Click the link to order any or all of these products from our online store!

These Items are for professional use only. Please contact us for details.

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Headform - Of deluxe woven straw, the Headform maintains the shape and style of your hair system. Sized to fit the Hairsystem box.

Ventilating Needles - German & Korean made. Several sizes available.

Silk - This repair fabric is a very thin material used to strengthen polyurethane for repairs on hair replacement units. It is excellent when used as a second base layer.

Ventilating Needle Holders - Our needle holders are made out of hollow metal, which makes them light weight and easy to handle.

Hairsystem Box - is the perfect way for your clients to transport their unit. Its sturdy construction and smart design (executive gray and white pinstripe) provides a safe and discreet carrying case for all traveling needs. (Measures 9.5" x 7.25" x 4.5")

Applicator Brushes - Our 6" metal brushes are light weight and easy to hold. Packaged 12 per pack, these disposable brushes are the perfect way to reduce contamination.

PURS - PURS stands for Polyurethane Repair System. Sold in liquid form, PURS is excellent for repairing hair replacement units.

T-Pins - are available in 2 sizes: 1.25" and 2". Packaged 50 per bag.

Toupelon Synthetic Fiber - is the best fiber available because it resists color fading better than any other brand. We custom cut lengths to suit any size request. Ask for a sample color ring before ordering.

Half Gallon Pump - allows easy dispensing of your back bar 1/2 gallon containers. Free pump with every purchase of four or more 1/2 gallon products.
These Items are for professional use only. Please contact us for details.
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