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Todd McIntosh using Skin Illustrator palettes and liquids to color the multiple, overlapping foam appliances
on actor George Hetzburg, as "Adam", from
"Buffy The Vampire Slayer."

Photos courtesy of Todd McIntosh

Be sure the skin has been gently cleaned and dried before applying the Skin Illustrator colors. Removal is easy with Super Solv, alcohol or isopropyl myristate. Remember to clean the skin after color removal, then apply moisturizer. All Skin Illustrator liquids can be used to replenish the palettes. To refill the palette cells, squirt a thin layer of desired color into cell; stir, then dry with a hairdryer. Repeat the process until the cell is filled. The key to using Skin Illustrator is to take the time to experiment with the colors. Try different application techniques with a sponge, brush or airbrush, and learn how the colors work under varying conditions. Because art is constantly evolving, Skin Illustrator will always be growing and improving. Some colors in the palette may be substituted, but they will always be available in liquids.

Tatoo Covered with an airbrushed combination of Rice Paper, Natural 1, Lao 1 and a finish thinned-spatter coat of Rose Adjuster II. The entire process, from bottle to camera, completed in 7 minutes.

Make-up by Kenny Myers
Photos courtesy of Kenny Myers


Skin Illustrator colors have been tested by independent labs for dermal irritation and have been proven safe for use on skin.

Under exaggerated conditions of study, (100% occlusion) results showed Skin Illustrator Liquid Color to cause no identifiable evidence of skin irritation - California Skin Research Institute. ‘99

Caution: Skin Illustrator in Liquid form is flammable (alcohol)
Use in a well ventilated area. Do not use on cut or abraded skin. For external Use Only. Do not use near a source of ignition. Use caution near the eyes. Keep away from children.

Comply with all OSHA safety precautions when spraying Liquid Skin Illustrator (99% alcohol) Full body applications require an approved paint booth with spark proof ventilation equipment. Contact your Production Safety coordinator for information. Small spraying applications, such as an air brush, can be treated as an aerosol hair spray. Repeated use of any alcohol activated color can cause drying of the skin. Moisturize skin thoroughly after every application. If irritation occurs, discontinue use and apply moisturizer.

    "Skin Illustrator is a meticulously planned make-up system with rich colors that are capable of matching most skin tones. It is a permanent addition to the weapons system in my make-up armada."

Kevin Haney
Academy & Emmy Award Winner

  "Nothing I've used before compares to Skin Illustrator. It's the ideal flesh tone color system that makes it easy to do anything. There's no need for mixing because all of the right colors are already made. It's great to use with rubber mask grease, old-age stipple and for color layering. There's really nothing like it...I just love it!"

Ve Neill
Three-time Academy Award Winner

"Obviously a lot of thought went into making Skin Illustrator. The colors have incredible adaptability and have been adjusted and balanced for film as well as to the eye. It's amazing what you can so with the Flesh Tone Palette alone!"

Todd McIntosh
Emmy Award Winner
"Buffy the Vampire Slayer"


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