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What Is A Maxillofacial Prosthetist?

Truly a rare breed, a maxillofacial prosthetist is a highly specialized dental doctor who helps restore a sense of normalcy to cancer, trauma and congenital defect patients. These doctors replace defective eyes, ears, noses, jaws, palates and other facial abnormalities. Once a defective facial feature, such as a nose, has been surgically removed, the prosthesis will reconstruct the area using many of the techniques perfected by today's greatest make-up artists.

There are about 500 of these specialists in the U.S. and they are dedicated to restoring the health and dignity of thousands of people who live with severe facial deformities. Missing or disfigured limbs can be hidden by clothing, but facial defects can only be improved by the skill and artistry of the maxillofacial prosthetist.

The Medical Chair Becomes The Make-up Chair

When it comes to the creation of application of a prosthesis, there are many similarities between the doctor and the makeup artist. The Medical chair becomes the make-up chair. Doctors use the same materials and techniques as make-up artists, to create for their patients a prosthesis as anatomically correct and realistic as possible.

Once the prosthesis is made, the same make-up materials and techniques are also used for the application process. Skin preps and surface primers are applied to the skin to reduce irritation and increase adhesion. Solvents or adhesive removers are used to remove prosthesis and to clean the skin and the appliance. Finally, skin toners and facial creams are used to help soothe and revitalize the skin.

Although the chairs are similar and the products are the same, there is one critical difference: an actor will wear a prosthesis for a day; a patient must wear a prosthesis for life.

  "The maxillofacial adhesive system from Premiere products is superior to anything else available. I have total confidence in their safety and efficacy. Super Solv, Top Guard and the Telesis adhesives are the only products of their kind that I use in my practice and as recommendations to my patients."

L. Kirk Gardner, D.D.S
Portland Veterans Hospital
Portland, OR

  "I highly recommend PPI products for maxillofacial prosthetic needs. My patients and I find these adhesives to have good retentive capacity and when enhanced by their surface primer, Top Guard, the bond strength is beyond any other product I have used. These products are my first choice for my patients."

James A. Davis Jr., D.M.D.
Maxillofacial Prosthetist
Tucker, GA


"I have worked with Top Guard for many years and there is no better skin prep and surface primer available. Top Guard works quickly to protect the skin from the wear and tear of daily adhesive and appliance applications and it also helps improve adhesion by preventing the skins natural oils from coming in contact with the adhesive. It always works and it never irritates. The Telesis product line is simply amazing."

Keith Robertson, M.D.
Loma Linda University Medical Center
Loma Linda, CA
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