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Bill Corso places an eyebrow with
Telesis 4 Adhesive.
"Beta Bond is everything I want in an adhesive - durable, flexible and very easy to remove. Whether thickened or thinned, shaken or stirred, it's thhe strongest, yet most actor-friendly adhesive I've ever used. I'd never go on a mission without it."

Bill Corso
Academy & Emmy Award Winning Make-Up Artist.

Using Top Guard as a skin barrier,
Matthew W. Mungle applies foam latex pieces with Beta Bond and Telesis 6 adhesives.
"Premiere Products' Telesis adhesives are the only silicone adhesives I use. Actually , I like them better than the old Dow Corning 355."

Matthew W Mungle
Academy & Emmy Award Winning
Make-Up Artist


Kenny Myers uses a blend of Telesis 4
& 5 to adhere silicone appliances to
"Quasimodo," Created by Kenny Myers
and Steve Prouty.

"I'm truly amazed at how well telesis 4 Adhesive adheres to platinum based silicone appliances to the skin. It's water and sweat resistant and works equally well on gelatin... it can't be beat!"

Kenny Myers
Emmy & Guild Award Winning Make-Up Artist.

Kevin Haney presses an edge of a foam latex cheek appliance adhered with
beta bond.
"I've never been so excited about a product before in my career. Telesis Beta Bond and Beta Solv are superior to any acrylic adhesive and remover I've ever used. They have become essential elements to my make-up equipment."

Kevin Haney
Academy & Emmy Award Winning Make-Up Artist

Richard Snell uses Telesis 5 Adhesive to attach hair goods to a silicone old-age make-up.
"The Telesis Gels are very effective make-up removers because they work with you.  They don't drip or run - they stay where you put them.  The Super Solv and IPM Gels are strong but easy on the skin and the ISO Gel even lifts and cleans lace.  Telesis Gels give me the strength and flexibility I need for quick and thorough cleanups."

Richard Snell
Academy Award Nominated
& Emmy Award Winning
Make-Up Artist

  "The Telesis products are excellent replacements for the "A" adhesive and thinners. They've proven to be very effective - we buy them by the gallon!"

Michael Westmore
Academy Award & Emmy Award Winning
Make-Up Artist
  "I've tried all the major make-up removers over the years and Super Solv works best for me."

Jeff Dawn
Academy Award Winning
Make-Up Artist

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